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Giraffe Detailing

Restore & protect your paintwork, glass, wheels, engine bay & interior.

How Giraffe Detailing Works?


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What is Detailing?

In short, detailing is about getting the absolute best look for your paintwork and other surfaces. A clean or a valet is about making sure all surfaces are, well, clean – they don’t really take into account embedded dirt or swirl mark issues, or the fading of paint. Detailing / Machine Polishing delves much deeper than that, enabling you to get re-spray like finishes, without actually having to fork out for a full paint job.

How much does a full vehicle detail cost?

Car Size

Small Car

Medium Car

Large Car

XL Car

Full Interior / Exterior Detail from
Single Stage Machine Polishing from

*Subject to pre vehicle inspection

*Additional Surcharge for excessive interior wear. i.e. pet hair removal.

Maintains Your Car Market Value

You will at some point require to trade your car either to get a better one or for other reasons. The car market value is essential if you intend to use the proceeds to get another one. Cleaning and maintaining a car influences the value of your vehicle when it comes to trading your car in. Giraffe Detailing protects and maintains both interior & exterior ensuring you get the best value on your potential sale price.

Paint Care

At Giraffe Cars we ensures that there is minimal or no damage on the clear coat. The first step of carefully washing the car is to remove excess dirt. A clay bar is then used to remove any extra contaminants on the surface. Then a wax coat is applied to protect the surface against oxidation. Detailing ensures that your paint is well polished keeping the car in good condition.


The first thing people notice about the car is what’s on the outside. That’s why at Giraffe Detailing we devote much of our time and attention to a vehicle’s body, ensuring it looks its best. We work to make it look as good as it did when it was brand new.

Our detailer will also work on the windows, wheels, tires and rims to make sure they look their best. Dirt, grease, blemishes – they all disappear during the exterior stage – with the help of degreasers and detergents – to ensure a car looks its cleanest.


Why is detailing your car interior important? At Giraffe Detailing we spend much time cleaning the inside of a car, sometimes even more so than the outside. It’s easy for dirt and dust to collect inside a vehicle over time, especially if you don’t have time to clean the interior with a brush or vacuum.

But at Giraffe Detailing we have the tools at our disposal. With our combination of steam cleaners, vacuums and brushes, we can give your car a deep clean that you may not be able to do on your own.

Vacuuming – The first step of interior car detail starts with the use of a vacuum. All areas of the car receive a cleaning, including the glove compartment and boot.

Brushing/Scrubbing/Shampooing – This is where the grind work comes in. The mats and carpet upholstery receive a thorough brushing and scrubbing. The goal is to remove the stains and blemishes that a regular wash can’t lift.

Wiping/Re-vacuuming – The next focus is on particular surfaces, such as the windows and dashboard and door panels. Our detailer will wipe these surfaces down with a cleaning agent, which will bring a new shine to your car’s interior.

Deodorizing – Finally, the detailer will spray the inside of your car to ensure it has a pleasing odour, as a finishing touch.

What's included in a Full Vehicle Detail?

Type of Service Full interior/exterior detail Machine polishing
Exterior pressure washed to remove loose dirt 
Pre washed to further remove ingrained dirt, bug splatter etc, rinsed 
Snow foamed allow dwell time, rinsed 
Wheels and tyres cleaned with appropriate cleaner, barrels cleaned where access allows with brushes, rinsed 
Body washed with premium soap and microfibre mitt, rinsed 
Fallout remover applied, rinsed 
Door jambs cleaned 
Engine bay cleaned and dressed 
Vehicle dried 
Vehicle dried with premium towel and blow dried 
Tar removal then panel wiped 
Paint polished by hand and sealant applied 
Clay bar to removed bonded contamination 
Trim and tyres dressed 
Glass cleaned 
Interior upholstery and carpets thoroughly vacuumed 
Plastics and trims cleaned with all purpose cleaner paying attention to high traffic areas such as steering wheel, controls, foot pedals etc 
Air vents dusted and cleaned 
Upholstery shampooed and dried  
Trim dressed to add uv protection  
Boot vacuumed and shampooed where required 
Spare wheel removed, cleaned and tool kit cleaned  
Air freshener applied 
Final vehicle inspection and walk around 
Plastics masked off along with edges etc 
Paint assessed and polished with fine or medium polish via dual action polisher 
Panel wiped  
Premium wax applied for protection and gloss  
Trim dressed 
Tyres dressed 
Final inspection 

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